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Morgan Stanley explains why Tesla (TSLA) is a “must own” stock now

Credit: @JasemAsh via Tesla Owners Wisconsin/Twitter

In a recent appearance at Bloomberg Markets, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas explained why Tesla is a “must-own” stock today. The analyst’s points listed some of Tesla’s key advantages in the mobility sector, several of which have been highlighted by TSLA bulls over the years. 

The Bloomberg Markets hosts asked Jonas if there have been any fundamental changes in Tesla, considering that he gave TSLA an “Underperform” rating over the summer. According to the Morgan Stanley analyst, investors right now are actually giving themselves more risk if they do not own any TSLA stock. 

Credit: @JasemAsh via Tesla Owners Wisconsin/Twitter

“We think it’s a must-own (stock). And I say that because we frequently speak with investors that say, ‘Adam, I want to put together a long-term EV or AV exposed portfolio, but I’ll never own TSLA.’ We kind of take a deep breath and say, ‘Well then, you run the risk of not owning the company that could make all the other stuff you do own completely obsolete,'” Jonas said, adding that owning TSLA is a bit like having insurance in the EV sector. 

The analyst highlighted that Tesla’s significant lead in the electric vehicle segment is likely not going to be matched by competitors, at least for now. Jonas also noted that Tesla is currently being emulated by legacy auto companies. However, veteran carmakers are still neck-deep in the internal combustion engine which could be a disadvantage. 

“Tesla has zero internal combustion entanglement and is in a position to, you know, attract capital and talent perhaps more efficiently… Sure, there’s lots of legacy companies, they’re all, if you listen to what they’re saying, they all sound like they’re Tesla. And in many ways, they’re frankly obsessed with Tesla. If you listen to 30 seconds of Volkswagen of GM, you’d think they didn’t sell any internal combustion cars. It turns out they sell 98%,” the Morgan Stanley analyst said. 

Ultimately, Jonas emphasized that Tesla is currently at a point where it could really dial up its operations and become an infrastructure company that covers several key segments across the globe. If the company could pull this off, and history suggests that Tesla has a decent chance, then the EV maker may really grow into one of the market’s most formidable companies, full stop. 

Watch Adam Jonas’ interview with Bloomberg Markets in the video below. 

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Morgan Stanley explains why Tesla (TSLA) is a “must own” stock now
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