Tesla owner shares tips on increasing EV range

Tesla owner shares tips on increasing EV range

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A Tesla owner, Ted Marena, shared his tips on increasing the range of EVs. Range anxiety is one of the most talked about topics for potential EV owners who are still deciding whether or not to purchase an EV.

Last month, a recent study by Parks Associates found that only 26% of U.S. households were familiar with EVs. One of the key reasons why participants in the study weren’t too sure about purchasing an EV was range and charging related.

Ted, a member of the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley Club, has some tips on how EV owners can increase the range of their vehicles. He pointed out that reducing the weight of your EV will have a better impact on range. “Each EV manufacturer designs its vehicles trading off features, capabilities, cost, and weight to deliver the best range possible for the widest targeted customer base,” he wrote.

He further elaborated that not all weight is the same and when referring to a car, there are three categories of mass:

  1. Sprung weight. The total mass of all the parts of the car that are supported by the vehicle’s suspension.

  2. Unsprung weight. The total mass of the wheels and other components directly connected to them.

  3. Rotational weight. The mass of the parts that rotate including drive shafts, wheels, and tires.

The best way to reduce unsprung weight, he added, is by using lighter wheels. In his video, he further explained that switching the stock wheels for lighter and smaller wheels will yield an increase in range.

You can watch his video below and read his full article here.

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Tesla owner shares tips on increasing EV range
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