Tesla and Panasonic’s battery partnership is stronger than ever

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Battery manufacturer Panasonic released its fourth-quarter operating profit numbers on February 3, and it showed that the Japanese company was able to cut production costs and post a 3% rise in operating profit. Panasonic was able to accomplish this thanks in no small part to its partnership with American electric car maker Tesla.

Panasonic’s profit for the last quarter of 2019 was 100.4 billion yen (about $915.22 million), an increase from the $899.38 million, or 97.6 billion yen profit the company posted a year earlier in Q4 2018, according to Reuters. The Japanese company’s profit numbers beat analyst projections by a considerable margin.

Eight different analysts polled by financial data company Refinitiv put Panasonic’s quarterly earning numbers at only 67.36 billion yen. The company was able to maintain its profit forecast at 300 billion yen through the first three months of the year as well, once again beating analyst predictions who pegged the company at 295.14 billion yen.

After Tesla ramped production at Giga Nevada, Panasonic’s battery business has improved significantly. The company has executed on its goals and increased its production volume due to Tesla’s goal of building more cars every year to match the overwhelming demand for its vehicles such as the Model 3. Expectations are high that Tesla’s vehicles will see even more demand as the company releases the Model Y, which will compete in the lucrative crossover market.

Just a week ago, Tesla released its 2019 Q4 numbers, reporting a revenue of $7.38 billion after delivering a record 112,000 vehicles. The company is also ramping up its production numbers at Giga Shanghai, and breaking ground on Giga Berlin. Giga Shanghai is already operational and catering to the local Chinese market, while Giga Berlin is expected to start operations sometime in late 2021. It remains to be seen if Panasonic will be involved in Tesla’s overseas factories.

Tesla stocks are soaring amidst the company’s success following the company’s Q4 delivery numbers and earnings call. Shareholders of TSLA stock have continued to enjoy regular boosts in stock value, and Panasonic’s success in cutting costs while increasing profits is a residual effect of Tesla’s great start to 2020. So far, Tesla stock has been on a meteoric rise, surging 16.88% at $760.38 per share as of writing. 

With Panasonic’s battery business with Tesla stronger than ever, the future seems bright for the two companies. Panasonic’s profits from its auto battery business will likely curb fears of an alleged rift between the two companies, which was hinted at by Tesla critics last year.

Tesla and Panasonic’s battery partnership is stronger than ever
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