Tesla Powerwalls have launched in Taiwan and Portugal

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Tesla has launched its Powerwall home energy storage systems in two new countries over the past couple of months, most recently including in Taiwan.

On Wednesday, the Tesla Energy account on X posted that the Powerwall is now available in Taiwan, including a link to the Taiwanese page for the energy storage product. The page shows the Powerwall 2, though it doesn’t include the Powerwall Plus or upcoming Powerwall 3.

Along with launching the Powerwall in Taiwan this week, Tesla last month posted on X about the home energy storage device launching in Portugal, additionally including just the Powerwall 2.

Tesla’s Powerwall systems offer home energy storage for homeowners generating electricity from solar power. Residents are then able to use the stored electricity to either power their electric vehicles (EVs), offer backup power to their homes, or send it directly to the electrical grid — the latter of which is often used in times of peak demand.

In the past, Tesla Powerwalls have been used by many to keep the lights on during periods of inclement weather, including those affected by a 2021 blizzard in Texas that caused outages across the state. These events also included an icing event in Texas earlier this year that caused outages, though 3,700 homeowners with Powerwalls were able to keep their homes warm and powered up with the technology.

Tesla announced last month that it surpassed 1 GWh in its European Powerwall fleet, which the company says offers enough distributed, stored energy to power an average of 41,000 homes for 12 hours.

While Tesla has been quietly installing some of its next-generation Powerwall 3 devices throughout the latter part of this year, most of the world still only has access to the Powerwall 2, and the new hardware can’t yet be ordered on the company’s website, no matter the region. Still, the U.S. website says the Powerwall 3 will become available in 2024.

The company also dropped the price of the Powerwall 2 in September, suggesting that it may be preparing an official launch of the Powerwall 3 soon.

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Tesla Powerwalls have launched in Taiwan and Portugal
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