Tesla quietly discontinues ventilated seats in Model S and Model X

Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X design studio to discontinue the front ventilated seat option from the Premium Upgrades Package. Ventilated front seats were first seen on Signature and Founders Series Model X and would later be extended as a feature across all Model S and Model X equipped with Tesla’s optional Premium Upgrades Package.

The design of the perforated front seats were intended to provide a “cooling” effect by circulating air through tiny vents within the seat cushion. However, Tesla owners with the upgrade would soon begin questioning the true value of having the feature, after reports that owners were not able to feel or see any effects of the ventilated seats began circulating across the greater community. One can assume that Tesla ultimately decided to remove the feature due to unpopularity.

Taking a side-by-side look at the Premium Upgrades Package option, before and after the removal of the ventilated seat feature, one can see that the description for the seat is entirely gone from the latest online design studio.

Another reason for the removal by Tesla is the well-known fact that the company aims to streamline its production process, making it cheaper and quicker to produce vehicles. The company had recently consolidated the number of interior trim options made available on the Model X by bundling popular configurations together. Tesla also discontinued the 60 kWh battery option for the Model X, eliminated two choice of paint colors, and removed the P90D variant from its lineup.

Small perforations can be seen on the seat cushions of Tesla’s ventilated front seats

Tesla quietly discontinues ventilated seats in Model S and Model X
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