Tesla’s ‘really cool stuff coming’ should be these two features

Tesla has some “really cool stuff coming both this month and next,” CEO Elon Musk said. Without giving any detail on what it could be, we know what it should be.

Over the past few months, we’ve covered the possibility of potential improvements for various features within the Tesla realm, including Auto Wipers and Smart Summon. These two features, in particular, should be the focus of Tesla’s “really cool stuff” that is set to come in the next few months.

Auto Wipers

Tesla’s Auto Wiper feature is arguably the most polarizing of all. In February, we reported that they were set to get an update that would fix their subpar performance. In reality, they were one of the most frustrating features for many owners, who claimed they were just awful to use.

Here are some of the responses we received on that report:

“Auto wipers on my half-priced Kia work far better.”

“It’s been terrible. It runs when you don’t need it and doesn’t work enough when you do need it.”

“They drive me nuts! They are awful.”

“They always seem to be 1-2 seconds behind.”

Tesla auto wipers are about to get an update to fix their subpar performance

These should be among the first things fixed for owners, as their performance is among Tesla’s most criticized features. Elon Musk apologized for their “quirky” performance in 2023. Rather than an apology, people would likely much rather have the feature fixed.

Actually Smart Summon (ASS)

Along with the auto wipers, Smart Summon is among the list of Tesla features that truly need improvements.

The problem is that Musk said in June 2023 that auto wipers would be fixed “in about 3 weeks,” and ASS would come “a month or two after that.”

We have yet to see improvements with either feature.

Smart Summon is a fantastic feature that allows an owner to literally summon their vehicle to their location using the Tesla app. It is commonly used in supermarket parking lots.

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However, the feature has been in need of major improvements, and Tesla has worked on making Smart Summon more robust and capable for some time now. No improvements have been released quite yet.

As noted by Not a Tesla App, ASS will use GPS coordinates to act as a personal valet service.

These could be among the newest features offered by Tesla in the near term, especially if Musk is teasing “really cool stuff.”

However, we are all too familiar with the fact that Tesla and Musk’s timelines are not necessarily accurate to the day.

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Tesla’s ‘really cool stuff coming’ should be these two features
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