Tesla’s Elon Musk posts quick update on Smart Auto Wiper, “Actually Smart Summon” rollout

Tesla Smart Summon (Source: Tesla)

Tesla’s software for its vehicles is one of, if not the best, in the industry today, but this does not mean that there is no more space for improvement in the company’s features and functions. While systems like FSD Beta continue to see notable improvements, some minor functions like Auto Wipers and Smart Summon are still a hit or miss. 

Auto wipers have been a point of annoyance for Tesla owners for some time now since their performance is inconsistent. As noted by some Tesla owners, Auto Wipers could engage even when there’s no rain, and there is no way to cancel it when Autopilot is active. Smart Summon, on the other hand, is a neat trick, though using it in a crowded parking lot requires a lot of courage. 

Elon Musk has admitted that improvements for Auto Wipers and Smart Summon are indeed needed. Last September, Musk hinted that the Tesla Autopilot/AI team is working on improvements for Summon and Autopark, and that the team had an end-of-month deadline. By October, Musk noted that “(Actually) Smart Summon” was almost done

The release of the humorously abbreviated feature, “Actually Smart Summon,” has not happened yet. The same is true for the release of an improved Auto Wipers feature. Fortunately, Musk has provided a quick update for the two features’ release, assuring Tesla customers that they are on the way. As per Musk, “(Actually) Smart Auto Wiper” is set for release in about three weeks, and the patented “(Actually) Smart Summon” is expected to be rolled out about a month or two after that. 

Improvements to features like Auto Wipers and Smart Summon would definitely improve the overall Tesla ownership experience. Summon, in particular, has great potential considering that it is a true driverless feature that could help spark conversations about electric cars and Teslas. Improvements to Auto Wipers, on the other hand, could help make the driving experience of a Tesla feel much more refined. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk posts quick update on Smart Auto Wiper, “Actually Smart Summon” rollout
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