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Tesla registers over 10,000 new Model 3 VINs as Dual Motor production ramp continues

Tesla has registered two large batches totaling more than 10,000 new Model 3 VINs over the weekend, in what appears to be a sign of a renewed production push for the electric sedan. Both batches, the first being 2,625 registrations and the other being 7,903, are estimated to be comprised of dual motor AWD vehicles.

With the addition of this weekend’s 10,528 new Model 3 filings, Tesla has now registered a total of 89,107 vehicles since the electric car started production last year. These latest filings are among Tesla’s most significant yet, considering that the company’s VIN registrations only went past the 10,000-mark near the end of January, roughly six months into the electric car’s production.

During Tesla’s Q2 2018 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla was able to maintain the Model 3’s 5,000/week production rate across multiple weeks in July. Musk’s statement about the Model 3’s production falls in line with the trend displayed by VIN registrations during the first two weeks of the month. Immediately after the beginning of Q3 2018, Tesla went on a VIN-filing spree, registering 19,000 new Model 3 VINs in the first half of July.

During the latter half of last month, however, Tesla’s VIN filings plateaued, with the company registering only a few vehicles at a time until this weekend. Quite interestingly, these last two big batches of VIN filings also corresponded to dual motor variants of the Model 3. Twitter watchdog group @Model3VINs initially estimated the first batch of 2,625 Model 3 VINs to include Long Range RWD variants of the electric car, but in the following update, the group noted that all the filings appeared to be dual motor.

Tesla has only started rolling out the dual motor AWD and Performance variants of the Model 3 recently. Nevertheless, Tesla worldwide head of sales Robin Ren stated during the second quarter earnings call that the dual motor AWD and Performance Model 3’s combined orders are now more than the orders for the vehicle’s Long Range RWD variant. The Tesla executive further noted that interest in the Model 3 remains high, with the company having 60,000 test drive requests for the electric sedan in the United States alone.

If Robin Ren’s statements and the recent Model 3 VIN filings are any indications, it appears that Tesla’s push to upsell the higher-end variants of the electric car to consumers is starting to pay off. Tesla, after all, stopped anti-selling the vehicle after the end of Q2 2018, offering test drives to customers and promoting the Model 3 Performance. In a Twitter post, Elon Musk also encouraged reservation holders to test drive the Model 3 Performance even if they do not have orders for the top-tier vehicle.

With its 5,000/week target for the Model 3’s production being met, Tesla is now aiming to sustain and increase its manufacturing capability for the electric car. During his opening remarks in the Q2 2018 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla is aiming to produce 7,000 vehicles per week throughout Q3 2018. Musk also noted that Tesla is expecting its ramp to 10,000 Model 3 per week to involve only a “tiny fraction” of the CapEx used when it ramped the vehicle to 5,000 units per week.

Tesla registers over 10,000 new Model 3 VINs as Dual Motor production ramp continues
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