Tesla releases new FSD v12.4.1, Elon Musk says interventions will take ‘a year of driving’

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Tesla is now releasing Full Self-Driving v12.4.1 to employees and plans to release it to “a limited number of external customers this weekend.” CEO Elon Musk also hinted that future FSD versions are getting so accurate that “it is starting to get to the point where, once known bugs are fixed, it will take over a year of driving to get even one intervention.”

Tesla’s latest FSD version continues to refine the suite’s performance as the company is nearing its August 8th Robotaxi Unveiling Event.

More refinements mean more expectations, and Musk is well aware of this. In an X post today, he said this new version has “a massive number of changes” and should “arguably” be renamed to v13.

Tesla usually changes the base version number when substantial changes are made (in this case, 12 would be the base number), so according to his estimates, this new update is extremely more robust than the last. It is important to temper expectations and wait for real-world owners to report their findings.

Along with the high hopes Musk communicated for v.12.4.1, he also said that future versions, including 12.5 and 12.6, could eventually be recognized as v14 and v15. This would suggest these future versions are getting to a point where they are so accurate that Tesla could solve its Self-Driving suite in the near future.

However, Tesla fans have been built up to these expectations in the past, as Musk has said every year since 2016 that the company would solve Full Self-Driving by the end of the year. This has not yet happened, so it is very important to look at things from a realistic perspective.

Tesla’s FSD suite has most certainly gotten better with subsequent updates, which is good because any progress is good progress. However, there is also a very real possibility that challenges come into play. Tesla has had an issue resolving things like Auto Wipers, so it’s definitely possible that bottlenecks occur.

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Tesla releases new FSD v12.4.1, Elon Musk says interventions will take ‘a year of driving’
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