Tesla finally improves Auto Wipers — but how?

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Tesla has finally improved the functionality and operation of the Auto Wiper feature, something that many owners have complained about in the past. With the new 2024.14 Software Update, the automaker has detailed the changes it made to improve its performance.

The Auto Wipers have been a pain point for Tesla owners, as they are one of the most frequently complained-about features. Some have complained they are not clearing the windshield of rain quickly enough, whereas others have said they turn on when it is not raining at all.

CEO Elon Musk said in May 2023 that Auto Wiper was “one of the last neural nets to be updated to surround video” in an attempt to explain the shortcomings of the feature.

In February 2024, a Senior AI Engineer at Tesla, Yun-Ta Tsai, teased improvements for the Auto Wipers after a complaint from an owner showed extremely subpar performance.

It appears that improvement has finally started rolling out. In its 2024.14 Spring Update, Tesla said the Auto Wipers will now have increased sensitivity when drivers press the wiper button (via Not a Tesla App):

“Pressing the wiper button while the wipers are set to Auto temporarily increases the sensitivity of the wipers.”

The wipers must be set to Auto in order for this to work.

Auto Wipers have been a true thorn in the side of Tesla engineers. It is pretty interesting to consider the fact that Tesla has been able to make steady improvements on its Full Self-Driving suite, but Auto Wipers have presented more challenges than the car actually driving itself.

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Tesla finally improves Auto Wipers — but how?
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