Tesla welcomes Nevada students for robotics apprenticeship at Gigafactory 1

Nevada high school students apply and interview for Tesla's Manufacturing Development Program at Gigafactory 1. | Credit: Governor Sisolak/Twitter

High school students from schools local to Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada have begun the application and interview process for the all-electric car maker’s third annual post-graduation Manufacturing and Development Program.

Tesla will select 50-60 students from the pool of students to begin working in the factory under a two-year apprenticeship with full-time pay and health benefits while continuing on with their college education. Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada recently expressed his enthusiasm for the program and the opportunity it provides to local students.

“Excited to see high school seniors from across Nevada interviewing for @Tesla’s Manufacturing Development Program. The 50-60 students selected will be starting a career while continuing their education in automation & robotics at Gigafactory 1!” he tweeted.

Tesla’s Manufacturing Development Program is entering its third year after prior years proved successful and valuable for all parties involved. Students acquire skills that will provide them with the ability to continue growing in similar industries or vocations and Tesla gains a potential source for a ready-trained workforce enthusiastic about its mission.

There isn’t an employment guarantee at the end of the program, but the mutual benefits gained make the opportunity a win-win; Tesla’s jobs website has also acknowledged the hiring of interns and co-ops in the past.

“We’re tackling the world’s most difficult and important problems and we wouldn’t succeed without our passion for making the world a better place. We’re looking for talented individuals who share that passion and are committed to challenge and to be challenged, to create, and to innovate,” Tesla stated in its flyer about the program.

While learning to build electric batteries and motors for Tesla’s product lines, students are also provided with reserved housing in the area and earn 20 educational credits from Truckee Meadows Community College. Overall, the program provides an opportunity for a real-world bridge between pursuing education and developing skills for gainful employment in a future-minded industry.

Tesla has invested heavily in the Nevada community since bringing Gigafactory 1 to the area. The California-based car manufacturer gave an initial grant of $1.5 million for local K-12 STEM programs last summer and has pledged $37.5 million dollars to Nevada schools as part of a Gigafactory Incentive Deal. The company also hosted Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day at Gigafactory 1 in early 2018, an initiative aiming to foster and support the interest of young women in the engineering field.

Tesla welcomes Nevada students for robotics apprenticeship at Gigafactory 1
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