Tesla Semi delivery event invitations rolling out

Credit: Tesla/Twitter

Tesla Semi delivery event invitations have started rolling out to guests. The Tesla Semi delivery event has been a long time coming and promises to be one memorable night, much like the Semi’s unveiling in 2017. 

Tesla’s Semi delivery event will take place at Giga Nevada, on December 01. Invited guests are expected to RSVP by 11:59 on November 28. 

Tesla held a random drawing from its long list of retail shareholders for invitations to the Semi delivery event. 

“If you want to attend the Semi delivery event as a retail shareholder, please make sure you have a verified shareholder status on our IR website (unverified manual submissions are eligible if the paperwork is correct). We’ll be doing a random draw where 1 share = 1 entry,” explained Tesla’s head of investor relations, Martin Viecha. 

PepsiCo, one of the Semi’s biggest customers, confirmed that it expects to receive some of its Tesla Class-8 trucks on December 1. Tesla will deliver the Semi to PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay plant in Modesto and its beverages plant in Sacramento. 

Tesla and PepsiCo have been prepping both facilities for the all-electric Semi for the past year or more. Pepsico orders 100 Semis from Tesla and would need the charging infrastructure to support all those electric Class-8 trucks. Tesla has installed active Megachargers for the Semi at PepsiCo’s facilities. 

Tesla aims to produce 50,000 Semi trucks by 2024. The company aims to become one of the largest truck makers in the United States. 

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Tesla Semi delivery event invitations rolling out
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