Tesla Semi trucks make a surprise Supercharger visit on way to Fremont factory

Elon Musk’s Tesla Semis were recently sighted at a Supercharger station near Sacramento, CA, before heading into I-80 on a westward route towards the Bay Area.

The two electric trucks were spotted at the Rocklin Supercharger station near Sacramento, which is located roughly halfway between the Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1. As noted by the online community, several Tesla workers seemed to be taking readings from the vehicles as the two electric trucks were parked.

Videos of the Tesla Semis on the Rocklin Supercharger were uploaded by YouTube channel My Tesla Adventure, who was also able to film the two electric trucks taking off into the street. Another YouTuber, going by the handle CWINDOWSsystem32, was also in the area, and he was able to capture the incredibly futuristic sound of the trucks’ four Model 3-derived electric motors as the long-hauler rolled through the streets.

The My Tesla Adventure host opted to follow the two electric trucks in his Tesla Model S as the vehicles entered the freeway. Just like a previous Semi sighting where the long-range variant of the electric truck displayed tire-shredding acceleration, the two massive long-haulers showed impressive speed as they took the ramp onto I-80.

After accelerating to catch up to the two electric trucks, the Model S owner was able to follow the Tesla Semis as they maintained highway speeds. The YouTube channel host stated that the trucks were traveling at about 60 mph.

Interestingly, the matte black short-range Tesla Semi seemed to be carrying a different cargo than the one it was pulling when it was featured on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s personal Instagram page. When Musk posted an image of the electric long-hauler recently, it was pulling a trailer marked P5190683. In this recent sighting, however, it was pulling a trailer marked P41801089.

As we noted in a previous report, Musk’s recent Instagram post featured the two electric trucks ready to deliver battery packs from the Nevada Gigafactory to the Fremont facility. Both the silver Tesla Semi, the company’s 500-mile all-electric long-range hauler and shorter range electric truck in matte black, were featured in Musk’s photo.

Considering that the distance between the two facilities spans just over 250 miles (400 km), both the long-range and shorter range Tesla Semi can presumably travel the entire length of the route without needing to recharge. The over 4,000 feet total elevation drop from Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 and its California factory can also aid the electric long-haulers in successfully completing their runs, as the Tesla Semi’s regenerative braking system would recapture lost energy on descents and result in a range increase in certain areas of the journey. 

Tesla Semi trucks make a surprise Supercharger visit on way to Fremont factory
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