Tesla Service Centers now include collision repairs in bid to improve ownership experience

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A new message from Tesla has revealed that the electric car maker is taking the next steps to ensure that its vehicles’ ownership experience is as seamless as possible. In a notification on Friday, Tesla informed its customers that Tesla Service Centers now offers collision repairs, allowing the company to rely less on authorized body shops.

The message was titled “Collision Repair is Here,” and it explained that Tesla Service Centers now have the ability to fix a variety of issues, from minor dents and scratches to suspension and axle damage and front and rear bumper repairs. Wheel and glass repairs could also be addressed by Service Centers.

Following is Tesla’s recent message to its customers, as shared by CNBC.

Collision Repair is Here

January 28, 2021

Fix minor dents, scuffs, scratches and more now at your local Tesla Service Center as an alternative option to a body shop. Our optimized repair flow enables a fast and seamless experience when you need it most.

Collision repair services may include: suspension and axle damage, front and rear bumpers, hoods, liftgates and side mirror caps, along with doors, wheels and all glass repairs.

To schedule an appointment select “Collision & Glass Repair” from the Service menu in your Tesla app and track your service experience with step-by-step notifications.

Just as highlighted by Automotive Director Jerome Guillen, Collision Repair appointments are scheduled through the Tesla mobile app. The company’s focus on the use of its mobile app was discussed by the executive during the recently-held Q4 FY 2020 earnings call, following an inquiry from a retail investor about Tesla’s service issues.

“In terms of phones, our emphasis is on the app. Really, we want all communications to go through the app, the Tesla app. And we are trying to move away from the phone. As the app is much better than the phone,” Guillen said.

During the earnings call, Guillen stated that Tesla is rapidly expanding its mobile service fleet, with the company aiming to have 50% of its customers’ service needs addressed by the mobile team in 2021. The executive also noted that Tesla is planning on opening 46 new service centers in the first half of this year in North America.

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Tesla Service Centers now include collision repairs in bid to improve ownership experience
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