Tesla Service can now be paid for through the automaker’s mobile app

Tesla Model X at Service Center. | Image: Teslarati

Tesla Service bills can now be paid through the company’s Smartphone application, which owners indicate after noticing changes in the app.

Tesla Service Centers are used by owners to receive service on their all-electric vehicles from technicians who are trained to fix issues specific to the company’s cars. In the past, payments have been handled when the vehicle is picked up from the Service Center, and the desk associate would usually ask to use the card on file, which owners use to pay for Supercharging.

The update was first recognized by @TeslaTested, or Zach, who told Teslarati that he first noticed the changes today.

However, Tesla is now making the task of paying for service more efficient by allowing owners to pay directly through the Smartphone app. Not only does this expedite the process, but it also alleviates human contact during a pandemic, which could be a big positive to many owners.

Why Tesla made the change to the payment system is unclear. It could likely be a combination of both convenience and the lack of human contact, which is appealing to many people in today’s world. Tesla has used a contactless system for its test drives and vehicle delivery processes since last year, which were added due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tesla has added several payment options through the Smartphone application, allowing owners to purchase performance upgrades. Tesla came across some issues with the system, as some owners reported that their phones “butt-dialed” the app and purchased performance upgrades without any consent. Tesla activated a return policy for these incidents, which has given those who wrongfully purchased upgrades the opportunity to get their money back. The service payment option will use the card on file that the driver uses to pay Supercharging fees.

Tesla Mobile Service diagnoses a Model X (Photo: Teslarati)

Tesla is looking to ramp up its Service Center presence in 2021. The company plans to add at least one new location a week this year as the fleet continues to grow due to EV adoption. Tesla has also worked to increase the Mobile Service fleet that repairs vehicles at an owner’s home, but the company hasn’t shed much detail on the Mobile fleet’s growth since early 2020 when it announced the mobile service division had doubled in size.

The option to pay for Service through the app is available on the iPhone through Apple’s iOS software. It is currently unavailable through Android, owners said.

Additionally, Tesla now allows owners to identify if a tire is flat or needs servicing through a new animation. Previously, the app just asked which tire was affected. The new animation will let technicians immediately identify the tire in question and could slightly reduce wait times for owners.

Tesla Service can now be paid for through the automaker’s mobile app
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