Tesla’s new low-profile solar panels blend seamlessly into a rooftop

Much of the attention involving Tesla and solar has, until now, largely focused on the company’s upcoming glass solar roof tiles that are integrated with photovoltaic cells. The product is poised to have a massive impact on both the aesthetic appeal and adoption of rooftop solar when it debuts this summer. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently stated via Twitter that the company will begin taking Solar Roof orders sometime this month. In the meantime, Tesla is ramping up efforts to market traditional rooftop solar panels to customers who are interested in adopting solar, but don’t necessarily need an entirely new roof.

Tesla has revealed a rooftop solar installation that’s designed with a sleek and low-profile look that’s barely distinguishable from the roof itself. This is accomplished by utilizing panel mounting hardware that is lower profile than traditional panels. According to Tesla’s site, the solar panels come equipped with integrated front skirts that take the edge off of the hard lines most solar systems incorporate.

Why will Tesla have two types of solar products for the roof, along with two marketing strategies? The answer is simple. Not everyone needs a new roof, and if you don’t need a new roof, installing traditional solar panels is going to be much cheaper than replacing roof tiles entirely. And if Tesla has any say in the matter, their solar panels also look great while being able to convert sunlight into electricity for use in ones home; for use in transportation through a Model S, Model X or Model 3; and for storage through Tesla’s Powerwall 2 home battery system.

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