Tesla becomes South Korea’s second-largest importer, beating Mercedes-Benz

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Industry data has revealed that Tesla successfully overtook Mercedes-Benz to become South Korea’s second-largest vehicle importer in March 2024. That’s not bad at all for an automaker that caught headlines in early February for only selling one car in South Korea in January 2024

As per the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association, South Korea saw 25,263 newly registered imported vehicles in March 2024, a 6% increase from the 23,840 imported vehicles that were registered in March 2023. From the 25,263 imported vehicles that were registered last month, Tesla accounted for 6,025 units, as noted in a report from The Korea Times

South Korea’s top vehicle importer in March 2024 was BMW, which accounted for 6,549 units. Mercedes-Benz, which previously was South Korea’s second-largest vehicle importer, saw 4,197 registrations in March 2024. This is the first time that Tesla was able to beat Mercedes-Benz in terms of sales in South Korea. As per industry watchers, Tesla’s momentum came amidst the confirmation of government EV incentives last month. 

Mercedes-Benz also saw some delivery delays due to political tensions in the Middle East. These delayed deliveries likely resulted in a notable decrease in vehicle registrations. 

The Tesla Model Y also outsold its rivals in South Korea last month with 5,934 units sold. The Model Y was followed by the BMW 5, which sold 2,259 units, and the Lexus ES, which sold 822 units. Part of the Model Y’s popularity in South Korea may be due to its price. The Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), the only variant available in the country, was released with a price tag of 55 million won ($40,800), which is more affordable than its US counterpart. 

Other variants of the Model Y, such as the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Model Y Performance, remain unavailable in South Korea. The upgraded Model 3 sedan has not been launched in the country as of writing as well. 

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Tesla becomes South Korea’s second-largest importer, beating Mercedes-Benz
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