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Tesla leaks Supercharger locations opening in the United States

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla leaked upcoming Supercharger locations opening in the United States. The Supercharger Network is one of the pillars of Tesla’s success in the EV market. So it’s no surprise that Tesla has been diligently expanding the Supercharger Network’s reach over the past year. 

Supercharger tracker @MarcoRPTesla noted that Tesla “mistakenly” leaked the locations of at least 50 Supercharger installations in the United States and other areas. 

Among the leaked sites was a Supercharger located in Kahului, Hawaii. The Aloha state was the last of the 50 United States to get a Supercharger station. Hawaii now has several Tesla Destination Chargers as well.

Tesla plans to open another Supercharger in Nephi, Utah, too. Currently, Tesla has around 15 Supercharger stations and nearly as many Destination chargers in Utah. 

Tesla also leaked more than a dozen Supercharger locations in California, specifically in San Jose, NorCal and the LA/ SoCal area. The company plans to establish several Tesla charging stations on the Mid-Atlantic coast and Southeast.

Last week, Tesla announced new Supercharger stations coming to North America, Europe, and Asia. The new locations were voted on by the Tesla community. The 50 new Supercharger locations recently leaked seem separate from the ones announced by Tesla last week. 

Tesla’s new Supercharger installations are likely V3 models. Tesla is working on Supercharger V4 stalls that will speed up charging and reduce turnaround times at stations. The first solar-powered V4 Supercharger station might open in Yuma County, Arizona. 

Tesla is also expected to install Megachargers in Supercharger stations across the United States as it ramps production on the Semi. The company has already submitted some proposals to Canada’s government that may lay the foundation for the arrival of the Semi in Canada

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Tesla leaks Supercharger locations opening in the United States
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