Tesla ends uncertainty of free Supercharger miles and its expiration date

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is giving owners visibility on when their free Supercharger miles are set to expire, in a new update to the “Loot Box” of the Tesla Mobile app.

Tesla owner @TeslaStraya shared a view of their Loot Box, which prominently displays a new “Expires on” date for the number of Supercharger miles accrued through  Tesla’s Referral Program.

Historically, Tesla has had two referral programs, with the first one focused on large experiences and prizes, including giveaways to a free Roadster. This ultimately came to an end around February 2019, citing non-scalable costs, and giving way to a new referral program that awarded existing owners and buyers with free Supercharging miles through a personal referral code.



The only problem with this system, until now, was the fact that Tesla owners were not aware of when these miles would expire. This uncertainty left doubt in the minds of owners, never knowing exactly when these miles would disappear from their account. However, Tesla confronted this issue and added the expiration date to owners who have accrued free Supercharging miles through the company’s referral program.

A Tesla customer is provided with a referral code after purchasing a vehicle or energy product. When the referral code is used to buy a car from Tesla, 1,000 miles of Supercharging miles become available in the referring owner’s Loot Box, which is available within the Tesla Mobile App. Additionally, energy referrals award $250 to the referrer after a solar panel or Solar Roof system is activated.

The addition of this notification provides Tesla owners with the necessary information that they would need to avoid losing their earned miles. The referral program has already given drivers and solar owners additional incentives to spread the word about Tesla’s products. Now, owners could be looking to reach a certain amount of miles by their expiration date. As the average person drives around 13,000 miles per year, owners could look to accrue this amount of miles to ensure they will not have to pay for travel within the foreseeable future.

Tesla ends uncertainty of free Supercharger miles and its expiration date
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