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IF Metall gets a letter to withdraw sympathy measures in the Tesla Sweden strike

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The Chairman of the municipal board in Vetlanda sent an open letter to IF Metall, asking the Swedish union to withdraw sympathy measures against third parties in its strike against Tesla. 

Chairman Robin Wallén Nilsson (M) of Vetlanda’s municipal board highlighted that IF Metall’s strike now affects third parties with collective agreement with its employees. He asks that IF Metall remove sympathy strikes against third parties. 

“I think it is important to highlight that the conflict now affects third parties who actually have a collective agreement,” said the Chairman of Vetlanda’s municipal board. 

The Vetlanda Municipality is located in Jönköping County, Sweden. It is home to Norwegian aluminum maker Hydro, which has been affected by IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden. Hydro makes car components for Tesla and joined IF Metall’s battle with the US carmaker through a sympathy strike. 

Hydro recently announced that it is no longer capable of maintaining sympathy action as it will risk employees losing their jobs. In November, the aluminum maker stopped work on Tesla components and reassigned its employees to perform other tasks. However, on January 12, Hydro stated it could no longer find alternative work for its employees linked to Tesla. 

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IF Metall strike against Tesla has gained more support through sympathy strikes or sympathy action than from employees of the automaker in Sweden. In its Tesla strike, the Swedish union has involved multiple trade unions in Sweden and a few Nordic countries. 

IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden started in October. After greeting the new year, IF Metall saw a potential compromise with Tesla. However, it would require the company to hire a contractor with a collective agreement to employ workers.

The Swedish union seeks to sign a collective agreement with Tesla that would affect IF Metall members working for the automaker. Tesla has stated that less than 10% of its employees are IF Metall members. 

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IF Metall gets a letter to withdraw sympathy measures in the Tesla Sweden strike
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