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Tesla Model Y joins stunning red Roadster at annual shareholder meeting

Tesla's next-gen Roadster and the Model Y at the 2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting. (Photo: Vincent Yu/Twitter)

Tesla appears to be adopting a bolder stance this year at its annual shareholder meeting (LIVE Blog), with the electric car maker showcasing three of its upcoming vehicles — the new Tesla Roadster, the Tesla Semi, and the Tesla Model Y — at the event’s venue. All three vehicles look stunning, particularly as each one is sporting a sleek red finish.

Images of the three vehicles initially made the rounds on social media among the Tesla community, several of whom were shareholders themselves who are attending the event. Particularly interesting was the red Model Y on display, which appears to be making its first public appearance today. Prior to the annual shareholder meeting, Tesla has only unveiled two units of the Model Y: a (potential) white dummy with blacked out windows that made its appearance at the vehicle’s unveiling, and a deep blue metallic prototype that was used for test drives.

Contrary to the white Model Y dummy that was displayed at the all-electric crossover’s unveiling event, the red vehicle displayed at the grounds of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA appears to be a working prototype, as hinted at by the unit’s finished interior. While Tesla could have simply wrapped the blue Model Y with a metallic wrap for the event (similar to what the company did for the matte black Tesla Semi), it is difficult to deny that the all-electric 7-seater looks great in red.

Tesla’s display vehicles this year are notably bolder than the previous year’s. In the 2018 annual shareholder meeting, Tesla opted to showcase a more understated white Tesla Roadster and the silver Tesla Semi. Both electric vehicles were still showstoppers in their own right, but they do feel quite muted compared to Tesla’s blazing displays for this year’s annual meeting.

So why the red? The color choice is quite interesting considering that the shade is widely associated with intense emotions such as determination. Red is also associated with good fortune in China, a country with a massive EV market that Tesla is attempting to breach with Gigafactory 3’s made-in-China Model 3. Of course, Tesla could have also gone for an all-red vehicle display simply because the Roadster, Model Y, and Semi look great in the color (and that’s perfectly okay too).

Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting will begin at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time at the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, CA. Similar to Autonomy Day, the upcoming shareholder meeting will be livestreamed. A link for the event’s livestream could be accessed here. Teslarati will also be live-blogging the investor event, to provide a blow-by-blow account of the meeting for readers who are unable to access the video stream.

Tesla Model Y joins stunning red Roadster at annual shareholder meeting
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