Tesla’s Elon Musk hints that he’s working on a “Master Plan Part 3”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wears a Plaid Mode jacket at the company's Model S Plaid Delivery Event on June 10th, 2021. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed something extremely exciting: he is currently working on Master Plan, Part 3. Musk’s Master Plan, two of which have already been published over the years, outlines his primary long-term goals for Tesla, as the company evolves from a simple startup automaker to something much more. 

Musk’s first Master Plan pretty much flew under the radar, though it did reveal the company’s strategy for the coming years. Written in 2006, Musk’s Master Plan, Part 1 discussed how the company intends to enter the affordable vehicle market by gradually evolving its lineup from expensive sports cars like the original Roadster to more affordable, mainstream vehicles like the Model 3. Musk’s first Master Plan also mentioned how electric vehicle owners could become energy positive by charging their EVs from renewable sources like the sun. 

Master Plan, Part 2 came ten years later, a time when the company was already producing the Model S and Model X. Published in 2016, Master Plan, Part Deux still highlighted that Tesla intends to enter all vehicle segments like heavy-duty trucks, pickups, and passenger-density urban transport. However, it also emphasized the importance of Tesla Energy and its solar products, as well as the value of advanced driver-assist systems like Autopilot. Musk also touched on the idea of the Tesla Network, which would be possible once autonomous driving is achieved. 

Needless to say, Tesla has not completed Musk’s second Master Plan yet. While all the goals highlighted by the CEO in his first Master Plan were met with the launch and ramp of the Model 3, the goals indicated in Master Plan, Part Deux have proven to be far more challenging. Vehicles like the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck are still waiting to be produced, and the Solar Roof ramp has been rife with delays. The deployment of FSD has made some progress with the FSD Beta program, but true autonomy still seems to be a distant goal. 

This does not mean to say that Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part 3, would be ill-timed, however. Musk definitely has a vision for Tesla, and he knows where the company is going. His long tenure as Tesla’s CEO also provides him with a pretty good eye as to what the company could achieve in the future. With this in mind, and while details of Master Plan, Part 3 are yet to be released, speculations are abounding about what Musk’s third grand plan would entail. Some TSLA bulls that have watched the company for years have suggested that Master Plan, Part 3 may involve Tesla’s transition to an Artificial Intelligence and data company

A focus on AI is not farfetched at all for Tesla, considering the company’s projects like Optimus and the wealth of data it is gathering from its fleet of vehicles every day. And it doesn’t even have to be limited to electric cars only. With products like its humanoid robot, Tesla’s AI projects could expand to a variety of industries. This is something that Musk seems to be quite excited about, as hinted at in a recent post on Twitter. The CEO highlighted that he has so much respect for those who do honest work in creating useful products and services for their fellow humans. 

“Working hard to make useful products & services for your fellow humans is deeply morally good. I have so much respect for the associates doing an honest day’s work at Tesla or SpaceX building & servicing cars, rockets, Starlinks, batteries, solar & many other things,” Musk wrote. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk hints that he’s working on a “Master Plan Part 3”
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