Check out Tesla’s new Adaptive Headlights in action

Credit: u/ObjectiveScratch | Reddit

Tesla released new and updated Adaptive Headlights on the Model 3 “Highland,” and we’re finally getting a chance to check them out in action.

Earlier this month, we reported that Tesla would roll out Adaptive Headlights on the updated Model 3 design. The headlights would be active in European Model 3 Highland vehicles.

The new headlights now focus on reducing glare and increasing visibility for other drivers by only dimming individual pixels and not the entire headlight altogether.

Tesla is launching new Adaptive Headlights for the ‘Highland’ Model 3

Tesla’s release notes for the adaptive headlights said:

“The high beam now adjusts to reduce glare for other drivers and cyclists. By detecting other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights, the high beam can remain on longer, enabling better visibility at night.”

The new adaptive headlights were included with Software Update 2024.2 and were finally rolled out to Tesla Model 3 Highland builds after European regulators approved the technology for use on the roads in December.

Now, we’re finally getting our first looks at the headlights in action, thanks to a video posted on Reddit by u/ObjectiveScratch:

Model 3 H – Adaptive High Beam (Update 2024.2)
byu/ObjectiveScratch inTeslaModel3

We can see how the entire headlight is illuminated while there are no other vehicles in the line where they are working in this image:

However, as the tractor-trailer traveling in the opposite direction moves closer, there are a few pixels that are no longer lighting up the road ahead. This increases visibility for both the Tesla driver and the driver of the 18-wheeler:

The new feature could eventually be included in other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup. It seems the feature is very advantageous to those who will use it, and other drivers on the road will certainly appreciate it as well.

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Check out Tesla’s new Adaptive Headlights in action
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