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Elon Musk’s Boring Co. Vegas Loop reaches 1 million passengers

Credit: The Boring Company

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Vegas Loop has given one 1 million passengers a ride throughout the Sin City, the company confirmed today.

After being proposed in 2019 and unveiled in April 2021, the Vegas Loop has provided a new, express-geared method of transportation for residents and visitors to travel between various hotspots in Tesla Model 3 and Model X vehicles.

A cost-effective and fast way to travel, the Boring Company Vegas Loop has already provided 1 million people with rides in Las Vegas, less than two years after its initial operation.

Initial projections showed that the Vegas Loop was capable of transporting over 4,400 passengers every hour, and projections for the future could allow as many as 20,000 people to receive affordable, express rides in Tesla vehicles each hour to travel between points of interest throughout the city.

The Vegas Loop is not operational yet. When it is operational the Vegas Loop will include numerous stops along the Las Vegas strip, including to various casinos, the Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and more. The fares vary according to each trip, but the Boring Company says the 4.9-mile trip from Harry Reid International Airport to the Las Vegas Convention Center takes 5 minutes with an estimated cost of $10.

In October 2021, Clark County Commissioners unanimously approved a 51-station, 29-mile loop that would connect stations through the resort corridor, giving visitors quick access to any of the casinos or hotels that Las Vegas has to offer.

Most recently, the Boring Company was expected to purchase 1.3 acres of land near the UNLV campus, including the Thomas & Mack Center, which is home to the UNLV Rebels.

The Boring Company to purchase land from UNLV for Vegas Loop station

The Boring Co. has submitted plans for similar systems across the United States. In early 2022, the company submitted plans for a 6.2-mile loop in Miami, where traffic has routinely been a major issue.

Musk has said in the past that the goal of the Boring Co. is to solve traffic, “which plagues every major city on Earth!”

It appears that the first couple of years of operation in Vegas have helped many people avoid the troubles of traffic in the large, tourist-filled city.

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Elon Musk’s Boring Co. Vegas Loop reaches 1 million passengers
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