Tesla’s sluggish web browser may finally be usable after major update

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently went on Twitter to thank the Tesla community for giving it the chance to grow and create cars that people love. The CEO then asked the Twitterverse for any suggestions on how to make its vehicles even better. This immediately started a long conversation about many Tesla features and upcoming products, many of which the serial tech entrepreneur directly responded to. It did not take long, however, before a Model S owner brought up the issue of the cars’ onboard browser being practically unusable.

True to form, Musk responded promptly to the Model S owner, admitting that the current state of the web browser on the California-based electric carmaker’s vehicles needs a lot of improvement. Musk went so far as to call the current state of the feature “terrible”, assuring the Tesla owner that “major browser upgrades” will be rolled out within the next few months.

Considering that the onboard web browser utilizes a modified version of a Linux operating system (Ubuntu), Musk stated that Tesla had to go through and upgrade a number drivers, along with an update to the OS itself. However, Musk that the browser will be slower at first, but will eventually improve in performance as the code gets optimized.

Over the years, the onboard Tesla web browser has become a notable source of complaint from the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker’s customers. Its sluggish nature has prompted Tesla enthusiasts to create their own dedicated apps for the feature. One of these is the Quick Tesla App, which features optimized weather updates, radar and wind notifications, as well as information on charging points, stock prices, and valet services. The Quick Tesla App, however, is incredibly lightweight, barely having any graphics and only providing a bare-bones web experience.

One particular app that has significantly improved the usefulness of the Model S and Model X’s onboard web browser is EVE Connect, an application that provides Tesla owners with a way to program and communicate with smart home appliances from the comfort of their vehicles. However, despite its augmented features from dedicated apps, Tesla’s slow-responding onboard browser still left much to be desired.

Tesla’s sluggish web browser may finally be usable after major update
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