Teslas in Dubai stun social media by surviving deep floodwaters

Credit: @bebesib/TikTok

Even electric cars like the Tesla Cybertruck are not advised to go into very deep bodies of water, especially for extended periods of time. But when push comes to shove and one has to go through a body of water in a vehicle, it seems like it pays to be in a Tesla instead of a combustion-powered car. 

Images from Dubai have stunned social media as users shared photos and videos of the city being assaulted by the heaviest rainfall that the area has experienced in 75 years. As the city received two years’ worth of rain in one day, streets were heavily flooded, apartments were damaged, and multitudes of cars ended up stranded. 

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As social media users shared images and videos of their experiences in the city’s flooded streets, some clips ended up standing out. One of these was a video from TikTok which ended up receiving millions of views. The clip showed a passenger inside a Tesla that happened to be driving through a flooded area. As could be seen in the video, the Tesla passed through a fairly deep puddle of water, but it seemed otherwise unharmed. 

Over in X, videos of another Tesla also caught a lot of attention as the vehicle took on a flooded street. While initial posts suggested that the Tesla did “not make it,” the vehicle’s alleged passenger, who goes by the username @MisterSpread, clarified that the Model 3 actually did make it through the flooded section of the road. The X user also noted that the vehicle in the video was an Uber, and he also claimed that no water came into the cabin. 

Comments in the video showed that numerous users were quite amazed at the Model 3’s capability to handle flooded streets. Of course, Tesla does not recommend its drivers to operate drive their vehicles across deep bodies of water, but the performance of the all-electric cars in Dubai’s flooded streets was quite impressive nonetheless. 

This is not the first time that Teslas have been captured on film surviving encounters with relatively deep bodies of water. In China, previous videos have depicted Model 3 and Model Y vehicles going through flooded roads that have already stranded several combustion-powered cars. Quite unsurprisingly, a Tesla Cybertruck tested by YouTuber TechRax also proved quite impressive in a rather shocking deep water test

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Teslas in Dubai stun social media by surviving deep floodwaters
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