Apparent Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” fleet spotted at Shanghai Southport Terminal

Credit: @TeslaSH24/YouTube

Tesla has been extremely quiet about the successor to the Model 3 Performance, a vehicle that EV enthusiasts have fondly dubbed the Model 3 “Ludicrous.” While Tesla executives such as CEO Elon Musk have been completely silent about the vehicle, the EV community is evidently excited about it. And if a recent video is any indication, it would appear that Tesla China is already exporting the high-performance vehicle. 

Recent aerial footage from longtime Giga Shanghai watcher Wu Wa have shown that Tesla China is gathering a fleet of vehicles at the Shanghai Southport terminal that is quite different from the typical Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. The vehicles are evidently sedans, but unlike the upgraded Model 3, which has been released in China since last year, most of the cars had protective wraps on their spoilers, wheels, and front and rear ends.

Previous sightings of fully uncovered Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” units have revealed that the upcoming vehicles feature a different front and rear compared to the base Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and the mid-range Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD). The uncovered Model 3 “Ludicrous” units were also spotted with new wheels, a more aggressive spoiler, bucket seats, a carbon fiber dash, and a dedicated “Ludicrous Mode” badge at the rear.

Interestingly enough, some of the cars that were captured in the Tesla watcher’s drone video had their protective wheel covers taken off. And as could be seen in the video, the strangely covered Tesla Model 3 units at the Shanghai Southport Terminal seemed to be equipped with red brake calipers. Red brake calipers are usually used by Tesla for its performance variants, like the Model S Plaid today.  

With Tesla seemingly shipping the upgraded Model 3 Performance from China, and with uncovered vehicles being spotted in the United States, it would appear that the launch of the revamped performance EV is imminent. Needless to say, Tesla’s silence with regards to the Model 3 “Ludicrous” has all but drummed up even more excitement about the vehicle. 

Watch Wu Wa’s recent footage of Tesla China’s export fleet at the Shanghai Southport Terminal in the video below. 

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Apparent Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” fleet spotted at Shanghai Southport Terminal
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