The 2024 Not-a-Boring Competition kicks off with 130 students

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The Boring Company’s (TBC) 2024 Not-a-Boring Competition recently started with 130 students in 8 teams from 5 countries. The student teams will compete based on maximum tunneling speed and innovation. Who can beat Gary the Snail? 

This year, TBC added three mini-competitions or projects that can be completed in shorter timelines than the main event. Below are the three mini-competitions and their objectives. 

  1. Digging Project – Create an innovative digging system for a tunnel-boring machine.
  2. Tunnel Lining Project – Create an innovative tunnel reinforcement system for a tunnel boring machine. 
  3. Navigation Project – Innovate a tunnel boring machine’s autonomous guidance and navigation system, which cannot use GPS to localize. 

For the 2024 Not-a-Boring Competition’s main event, teams will compete in three categories. In order of priority, the categories are fastest to complete the tunnel, innovative design, build, and/or test, and most accurate tunnel. 

Last year, five teams advanced to the finals. The 2023 Not-a-Boring Competition finalists are listed below. 

  1. CU Hyperloop – University of Colorado Boulder – United States
  2. The Diggeridoos – Virginia Tech – United States
  3. Swissloop Tunneling – ETH Zurich – Switzerland
  4. TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling – Technical University of Munich (TUM) – Germany
  5. The Warwick Boring Team – University of Warwick – United Kingdom

TUM Boring was the Overall Winner in 2023 with a tunnel length of 11.80 m. Swissloop Tunneling won the Innovation Award, while CU Hyperloop took home the Accuracy and Navigation Award in the 2023 Not-a-Boring Competition. 

Registration for the 2025 Not-a-Boring Competition is officially open. 

“The 2025 Not-a-Boring Competitions will challenge competition teams over 8 days and will be held in Bastrop, Texas. Competition Week 2025 is preliminarily scheduled to occur in the spring of 2025,” announced TBC.

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The 2024 Not-a-Boring Competition kicks off with 130 students
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