Tesla Cybertruck landing in Thailand next

The Tesla Cybertruck will be landing in Thailand next. Recent rumors suggest that Tesla might build its next gigafactory in Thailand. The Tesla Cybertruck’s appearance in Thailand suggests the rumor might be accurate.

“Feel the ground tremble, Thailand? Please be careful, a big tremor is coming,” said Tesla’s teaser for the Cybertruck’s appearance. The teaser included a picture of the all-electric pickup truck’s iconic headlights. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has been visiting countries around the globe recently. Before Thailand, the Tesla Cybertruck went to China, where it was an instant celebrity of sorts. Crowds lined up to see the Tesla Cybertruck in China, even though pickup trucks are not that popular there. 

Everywhere the Tesla Cybertruck goes, people crowd around it. Mexico was no different. Last week, the Governor of Nuevo León drove a Tesla Cybertruck to two events, and people gathered around the electrified pickup truck for pictures. Anywhere he went, the Tesla Cybertruck became an attraction

By the way, Nuevo Leòn is where Tesla Giga Mexico will be built. In China, the Cybertruck visited Shanghai, where Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 operates. Many may wonder why the Tesla Cybertruck is landing in Thailand. 

The Thai government and Tesla have been discussing the possibility of a gigafactory in the country for some time. Recently, an official from the Prime Minister of Thailand’s office hinted that talks between the country’s government and Tesla are becoming more serious. The official shared that the pair are discussing a potential Gigafactory Thailand.

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Tesla Cybertruck landing in Thailand next
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