The Boring Company Vegas Loop to get next station in 2024

(Credit: Sam Morris, LVCVA/Las Vegas News Bureau)

The Boring Company’s (TBC) next Vegas Loop station will launch in 2024. The Wynn Las Vegas Resort expects TBC’s Encore station to start operations early next year. 

Earlier this week, The Boring Company stated that Prufrock-2 arrived at Encore Resort, achieving a new milestone for TBC’s Vegas Loop project. The late tunnel boring machine (TBM) set a new record, too, as it could mobilize, launch, and bore underground in only 10 weeks. Prufrock-2 tunneled through 2,350 feet of earth before resurfacing near Encore Resort. 

Following The Boring Company’s announcement, Wynn Resorts announced that work is ongoing at the new Vegas Loop station near Encore’s valet entrance. Once the Encore Station is operational, passengers from the Wynn Resort can reach the Las Vegas Convention Center in approximately one minute. 

According to a spokesperson, The Vegas Loop’s Encore stations would ” provide guests with a zero-emissions underground public transportation alternative.” The Boring Company will likely use Tesla vehicles to transport passengers from the Encore station to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) as it does in the LVCC Loop. 

“The tunnel is the latest enhancement in Wynn’s continued commitment to offering eco-friendly meetings and conventions in Las Vegas,” said the Wynn Resorts spokesperson.

Once completed, the Vegas Loop is expected to have a capacity to handle more than 90,000 passengers per hour. The Boring Company estimates rides along the Vegas Loop could cost between $5 to $12

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The Boring Company Vegas Loop to get next station in 2024
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