Twitter Files reveals Pfizer board member's attempt to suppress debate on Covid vaccines

Twitter Files reveals Pfizer board member’s attempt to suppress debate on Covid vaccines

In another installment of the Twitter Files released on Monday, screenshots of an email conversation between Scott Gottlieb, a board member at Pfizer, with Todd O’Boyle, a senior manager of public policy at Twitter.

Alex Berenson, a former reporter for the New York Times, shared this installment. Berenson noted that Gottlieb “used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, including from a fellow head of the US FDA.”

Gottlieb shared a tweet by Doctor Brett Giroir that said that the Covid19 natural immunity was superior to vaccine immunity by a lot.

“This is the kind of stuff that’s corrosive. Here he draws a sweeping conclusion off a single retrospective study in Israel that hasn’t been peer-reviewed. But this tweet will end up going viral and driving news coverage,” Gottlieb said.

Credit: Alex Berenson

Berenson noted that he found the email while searching records while at Twitter last week. He found that through Jira, Twitter’s internal system for managing complaints, O’Boyle forwarded Gottlieb’s email to the Twitter Strategic Response team, which was responsible for handling concerns for the platform’s most important employees and users.

“Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner,” O’Boyle wrote. Berenson noted that O’Boyle failed to mention that Gottlieb was a Pfizer board member “with a financial interest in pushing mRNA shots.”

Although a Strategic Response analyst found that the tweet did not violate any of Twitter’s misinformation rules, the tweet ended up being flagged as misleading. Berenson pointed out that the tweet remains flagged despite several studies confirming the accuracy of Girior’s tweet.


Credit: Alex Berenson


Following that, Gottlieb complained about a tweet from Justin Hart, whose Twitter following was over 100,000. Berenson pointed out that although Gottlieb’s objection to Hart’s tweet, which mentioned a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of <>0% wasn’t clear. However, he added, Pfizer should soon be approved for children ages 5 to 11. Again, O’Boyle didn’t mention Gottlieb’s connection with Pfizer when forwarding the report.

Twitter didn’t act on Gottlieb’s request this time. Berenson also noted that Gottlieb was “pressing Twitter to act against me.” He added that Gottlieb’s action was part of a larger one that included the Biden White House and Andrew Slavitt. He said the group worked publicly and privately to pressure Twitter until it had no option but to ban him.

“I will have more to say about my own case and will be suing the White House, Slavitt, Gottlieb, and Pfizer shortly,” Berenson wrote.

The Twitter Files is continuing to be released, and you can read our articles on them here.

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Twitter Files reveals Pfizer board member’s attempt to suppress debate on Covid vaccines
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