Twitter hit another all-time high in user seconds: Elon Musk

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Elon Musk’s time as Twitter’s owner has been volatile and filled with numerous dramatic developments, but the social media platform does appear to be heading toward some steady ground. In a recent comment, Musk revealed that Twitter just hit another all-time high in user-seconds last week. 

Musk announced the milestone, unsurprisingly, on Twitter. Considering Musk’s comments, it would appear that Twitter is keeping its users engaged, despite the ongoing stream of controversies and criticism being directed at the social media company and its leadership. 

Twitter’s milestones today suggest that Musk’s tenacity is still very much present. Following his turbulent takeover of the social media company, skeptics expected that Twitter would immediately break and stop working, thanks in no small part to Musk’s decision to cut a huge portion of the platform’s staff. 

Despite these drastic measures, as well as the continued presence of controversies, Twitter is still active today. In May, Elon Musk even confirmed that he was stepping down as Twitter’s CEO. His replacement, advertising veteran Linda Yaccarino — who previously worked as NBCUniversal’s head of advertising — could be viewed as an ideal choice to lead the social media platform toward profitability. 

This is not to say that Twitter is absent of any problems today, of course. Far from it. A look at posts from Musk critics would show that Twitter still makes notable missteps from time to time. But despite this, Musk and Twitter’s current team has shown that they are willing to address issues as they come. 

Unlike Twitter before Musk, which tended to roll out new features slowly, the social media platform today thrives in the release of new functions. A revamped Twitter Blue has been released, and so has a more robust Subscription system for users, to name a couple. Earlier this month, Musk also confirmed that Twitter would be releasing a dedicated app for Smart TVs

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Twitter hit another all-time high in user seconds: Elon Musk
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