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U.S. agency condemns use of its seal in anti-Tesla Super Bowl ad

Credit: Dan O'Dowd | Twitter

A U.S. agency has condemned the use of its seal in one of two anti-Tesla Super Bowl commercials from The Dawn Project, claiming that Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta are dangerous and need to be boycotted.

In a press release on Monday, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that The Dawn Project could not use its seal in one of the two anti-Tesla commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl. The agency also sent a letter to the company, which is run by Green Hills Software founder and Tesla and FSD beta critic Dan O’Dowd, demanding that the company stop using the seal immediately to help protect the agency’s reputation as a federal regulator.

“Contrary to Federal law, you did not obtain, and the NTSB did not grant, permission to use the NTSB Seal in your Super Bowl LVIII commercial or on any other materials,” writes the agency in the letter. “Moreover, your unauthorized use of the NTSB’s seal spuriously implies endorsement of your company and/or message by the NTSB. Accordingly, the NTSB demands that you cease any further unsanctioned use of the NTSB Seal, and that the NTSB’s Seal be immediately removed from your website and YouTube page, as well as any further airings of the offending commercial. We further request that you notify us in writing when all changes have been made.”

The NTSB also points to its web page dedicated to highway safety investigations of Level 2 automated vehicles for safety recommendations.

The advertisement displaying the NTSB seal said that the “feds demanded that Autopilot be restricted to freeways,” alleging that tragic accidents had occurred after Tesla refused this request and continued to let Autopilot be used in improper areas. Both commercials also encouraged viewers to “boycott Tesla to keep your kids safe,” alleging that the automaker’s FSD beta would run over a child crossing the street.

You can see the NTSB’s full letter to The Dawn Project below, along with the screenshot included in the letter and the full anti-Tesla Super Bowl commercial in question.

Credit: NTSB

Tesla sent a similar cease and desist to The Dawn Project in 2022, after one of the company’s ads said that the FSD beta would “mow down children.”

The Dawn Project also aired a Super Bowl commercial last year with similar claims, and O’Dowd has been incredibly outspoken in opposition to Tesla in the past. His claims about Autopilot and the FSD beta have been debunked multiple times and Tesla warns drivers using both systems that they do not make the vehicle autonomous, adding that they “require a fully attentive driver who is ready to take immediate action at all times.”

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U.S. agency condemns use of its seal in anti-Tesla Super Bowl ad
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