Video Demo of Tesla 7.1 (2.12.22) New Summon Features

Tesla 7.1 New Settings

Tesla has just deployed a new firmware update 7.1 (2.12.22) which includes improved Summon and Autopark features. The most prominent change to Autopark is the ability to initiate the feature by double tapping the park button from within the vehicle.

Prior to this update drivers would need to utilize the mobile app or key fob as the mechanism to signal the vehicle to park itself. But this latest update will allow drivers to simply exit the Tesla and leave the vehicle to automatically navigate itself into a garage or parking space.

Image credit: YouTube

Tesla has also opened up additional configuration settings in this firmware update that will allow drivers to fine tune bumper and side clearance. Drivers can also specify the travel distance (up to 40 ft) the Tesla can be summoned.

Here’s a great video put up by Mark Schey that demonstrates how each of the new v7.1 (2.12.22) features work.


Tesla Firmware 7.1 (2.12.22)

Tesla 7.1 New Summon Improvements

Tesla 7.1 New Summon Improvements


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