Volkswagen releases Elli 2 Charger with 40% less charging costs

(Credit: Elli)

Volkswagen Group released the Elli 2 charger, promising up to 40% less charging costs. 

Elli is a Volkswagen brand. The German automaker stated that the Elli 2 Charger is tailored for 28 European markets. It is available in four versions and uses a Type-2 port. The upgraded charger has new metering features for cost transparency and dynamic load management. 

“To drive e-mobility, we have to make the charging experience simpler and significantly more cost-effective for customers,” said Giovanni Palazzo, Elli CEO and Senior Vice President of Volkswagen Group Charging & Energy.

Elli promises streamlined customer services, allowing consumers to purchase a solar panel system, electricity tariffs, and  EV chargers. Elli has a partnership with European solar panel developer Otovo01 to price customers with home solar solutions. Customers may check out Volkswagen’s Naturstrom Flex02 for electricity tariffs.

“This is where the new Elli Charger 2 shines. It charges when solar energy is available and electricity prices are at their lowest. The smart charging functions not only provide real cost savings for customers but also represent a milestone in the use of renewable energy,” added Palazzo. 

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Volkswagen releases Elli 2 Charger with 40% less charging costs
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