Walmart announces EV charging blitz

Credit: Walmart

Walmart has announced it will launch a massive EV charger placement campaign at its U.S.-based locations.

As much as many people would love to see the world switch entirely to electric vehicles as quickly as possible, a strong contingent of consumers remains concerned that EV charging is inadequate, potentially leaving them stranded in the worst-case scenario. Luckily, along with the U.S. government, hundreds of corporations and automakers are working to introduce more EV charging throughout the country, including Walmart, which promised today that it would be doubling down on its EV charger placement.

Walmart announced today that it would be “building [its] own EV fast-charging network at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations coast-to-coast” by 2030. These chargers would be placed alongside the 1,300 EV chargers America’s largest retailer already operates, stretching across 280 store locations nationally.

Walmart was not immediately available for comment to Teslarati regarding the number of chargers it intends to place or which charging partner it would be working with to achieve its ambitious goal.

As noted by Walmart’s announcement, as America’s largest retailer, it is uniquely well-positioned to help Americans charge their EVs. According to Walmart, over 90% of Americans live within less than 10 miles of a Walmart location. Further, the convenience factor of being able to plug in while you shop at the Walmart location is ideal, especially as it should allow most EVs to charge nearly completely in the typical 30-40min grocery run.

“Our network growth will help expand domestic EV charging capacity across states,” says Walmart. “We see our commitment today as a natural extension of our work to help customers and members live better, easier, and more sustainable lives – a big win for busy families and drivers everywhere, our country, and the planet.”

Walmart is far from the only business looking to jump on the opportunity to provide Americans with convenient EV charging. Recently, Subway, Starbucks, and 7Eleven have all announced that they will be placing EV charging stations at their facilities, with many aiming to do so nationally as quickly as possible.

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Walmart announces EV charging blitz
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