Tesla Cybertruck goes inside The Boring Company Tunnel

Boring Co. launches hiring spree in Austin, home of Tesla’s Giga Texas

Elon Musk’s Boring Company appears to be joining his other entity, Tesla, in Austin, Texas. A Tweet from Musk’s tunneling company has revealed that it will begin hiring for several new positions at the location of Tesla’s most recently-announced production facility.

According to the Boring Co. website, it will be hiring an Electric Engineer, Lead Electrical Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Power Electronics Engineer, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Business Development Lead, and a Lead Technical Recruiter in Austin as it looks to expand its presence in the area.

Interestingly, the Boring Company does not have any currently listed projects in Austin or the state of Texas in general. The currently listed projects include the Hawthorne Test Tunnel in Los Angeles, the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, and two prospective plans for underground tunnels in LA and the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metro area.

Tesla Cybertruck goes inside The Boring Company Tunnel (Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage vis CNBC)

However, there is undoubtedly room for more projects as underground loops prove advantageous and appealing. For example, the LVCC loop is being sought out by several hotels and resorts along the Las Vegas Strip, proving that some companies are interested in being included in Elon Musk’s plans to make travel in the Sin City more efficient.

It is unknown whether the Boring Company is simply setting up an office in Texas as Elon Musk has hinted that he will move Tesla to the Lone Star State in the future, or if the underground tunneling company is planning to set up a new transportation system for the massive number of employees who will work at the Giga Texas site. Based on reports from Elon Musk, we know that Giga Texas will not be the ordinary Tesla production facility. It will be an “ecological paradise” with biking trails, a boardwalk, and a visitor’s center, all of which will make the experience well-rounded for anyone who visits.

Tesla selects Texas as home to its next US factory

The introduction of an underground tunnel in Austin from Giga Texas to numerous hotspots is certainly feasible. The production plant will be located just a few miles outside of the Austin downtown area. Musk stated in an interview with Automotive News that many of Tesla’s executives were interested in moving to Austin.

“When talking to key members of the team that would need to move to Austin from California to get the factory going, Austin was their top pick to be totally frank,” Musk said. “That was a big factor in choosing Texas and Austin. Specifically Austin. I guess a lot of people from California, if you ask them what’s the one place you’d move outside of California, it’s Austin.”

With Tesla introducing a full-fledged facility that will provide visitors with some entertainment, there is a chance that the introduction of a Boring Co. facility will connect the new EV production building to the city it is nearest to.

Boring Co. launches hiring spree in Austin, home of Tesla’s Giga Texas
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