GM looks to close gap from Tesla with sizable EV tech hiring ramp

Photo by John F. Martin for General Motors

General Motors has announced that it will begin hiring 3,000 new employees across engineering, design, and information technology through Q1 201 in an attempt to begin preparing for a massive transition to produce all-electric vehicles.

In a press release from November 9th, GM announced its intentions to hire new talent that could introduce fresh ideas and innovative designs as the company begins to prepare for the “development of autonomous and electric vehicles and advanced platforms like the Ultium battery system.”  The plan intends to increase GM’s efficiency as it transitions to new powertrains and vehicle types while keeping costs low to allow for affordable models for customers.

“As we evolve and grow our software expertise and services, it’s important that we continue to recruit and add diverse talent. This will clearly show that we’re committed to further developing the software we need to lead in EVs, enhance the customer experience, and become a software expertise-driven workforce,” GM President Mark Reuss said.

GM’s first steps in refining their new EV project involve developing and integrating “world-class software and services” that will increase the company’s vision for the future. This includes zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion, the press release says. There will be no shortage of employment opportunities. Everything from electrical engineers to infotainment software developers is being sought out by the legacy automaker, building onto the already-existing GM platform.

Additionally, GM plans to improve upon its Vehicle Intelligence Platform, which includes its Tesla Autopilot rival, Super Cruise, a driver assistance feature. Recently, Consumer Reports controversially ranked Super Cruise above Tesla’s Autopilot, stating that the Elon Musk-headed company was a “distant second” compared to General Motors’ software.

GM has adopted a somewhat opened-mind regarding EVs and alternative forms of energy for passenger transportation. It has unveiled its Hummer EV, which will bring both the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T some competition in the electric pickup truck market. However, some are still skeptical about GM’s total commitment to a full EV transition.

While the legacy automaker has committed to building 20 new fully-electric cars by 2023, it has also stated that it plans to allocate more than $20 billion of capital and engineering resources to its future EV programs through the next five years.

GM looks to close gap from Tesla with sizable EV tech hiring ramp
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