BYD Seal to charge at Tesla V3 Superchargers in Australia

Credit: BYD

BYD Seal owners in Australia may soon be able to access one of the country’s most reliable charging networks. Thanks to a combination of hardware and software upgrades, BYD Seal drivers in Australia will reportedly be able to charge their vehicles at Tesla Supercharger V3 stations. 

As noted in a Driven report, Tesla opened its Supercharger Network in Australia to non-Tesla vehicles in September last year. Much to their frustration, BYD drivers reportedly observed that their electric cars could not charge at Supercharger V3 stalls. This practically barred numerous BYD drivers from accessing one of the country’s best rapid charging networks.

Fortunately, it appears that the issue is being resolved. As per drivers of newly-delivered BYD Seal units, their vehicles have been able access Tesla Supercharger V3 stalls. The vehicles that reportedly could access Tesla’s V3 Supercharger Network had build dates from March 2024. The cars were also equipped with a newer firmware version. 

BYD seems to be working hard on the issue. As per BYD Seal owner Christopher Hunt, who was featured in an episode of the Ludicrous Feed on YouTube, he was contacted by BYD about a fix for the issue. The Seal owner noted that the fix will be a combination of hardware and software updates for his vehicle. A trip to the service center will be required, though the whole fix will reportedly take just an hour. 

BYD is gaining some momentum in Australia’s electric vehicle market, with the automaker delivering 2,800 BYD Seal sedans to local consumers. Over the first four months of the year, sales of the BYD Seal have reached 2,384 vehicles. The BYD Seal was launched in Australia last October, and it’s offered in three variants: the Dynamic, Premium, and Performance.

The Tesla Supercharger is among the most reliable rapid charging networks in the world, and it only seems to be getting better. As per Tesla’s 2023 Impact Report, the Supercharger Network achieved an average global uptime of 99.97% last year, its highest to date. 

Watch the Ludicrous Feed‘s discussion on the BYD Seal and Tesla’s Supercharger V3 Network in the video below.

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BYD Seal to charge at Tesla V3 Superchargers in Australia
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