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Cadillac’s $340,000 Celestiq EV enters production

Front 3/4 of the CELESTIQ show car exterior. Show car images displayed throughout (not for sale).

Cadillac’s $340,000 Celestiq electric vehicle has officially entered production, according to the company’s Vice President John Roth.

In 2022, General Motors, the parent company of Cadillac, unveiled the Celestiq, the company’s premier and top-of-the-line EV, which is expected to pack 300 miles of range, a 0-60 MPH acceleration rate of 3.8 seconds, and an array of luxury features.

Last year, Cadillac’s CMO Melissa Grady Dias stated that the Celestiq’s entry-level configuration would cost approximately $340,000.

Cadillac Celestiq will start with hefty price tag of $340,000

Now, it appears Cadillac has started building the first unit of the Celestiq, according to Roth, who stated during a media briefing that production is underway (via GM Authority):

“We have already begun building one of the units.”

There is no indication of how many units Cadillac or GM is planning to bring to market. The company has said that it has seen “extremely high demand” for the vehicle, but judging by its pricing and GM’s somewhat dicey history of launching new EVs, we are not sure what technically constitutes “extremely high demand.”

The vehicle is currently being built by hand at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and the fact that it will be hand-built is an indication that there will not be too many units around to choose from.

Nevertheless, Cadillac is not holding anything back when it comes to features and possibilities.

When the interior of the Celestiq was teased in mid-2022, it hinted toward an extremely flashy and luxurious design. In terms of features, it will be fitted with Ultra Cruise, the advanced hands-free driver assistance suite that features 360-degree vehicle views and a smart glass roof.

Couple this with the interior style and this is a car that is certainly suited for those who have a little extra money to throw around.

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Cadillac’s $340,000 Celestiq EV enters production
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