Megawatt Charging

Electric truck startup Atlis Motor Vehicles demonstrates megawatt charging

Credit: Atlis Motor Vehicles

Atlis Motor Vehicles, an electric truck startup, has posted a video online demonstrating its megawatt charging technology on its new EV charger.

As electric vehicles have gained prominence in recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on the charging speed of the vehicles and chargers that owners interact with. A faster charging time limits downtime during long road trips and allows more vehicles to be charged by a charger throughout the day. Now, some of the most rapid charging technology available, charging at just over 1 megawatt, has been demonstrated by Atlis Motor Vehicles.

The video posted today shows Atlis’ new high-speed charger being plugged into a demonstration testbed that highlights the key specifications of the test.

Atlis is designing and engineering an EV platform, an electric truck, and its own charging solution that could be one of the fastest on the market. There are a couple of key differentiators of its charging platform.

Atlis opted for a proprietary charging plug design, as seen in the video, put in place primarily to help fit the necessary cooling technology within the handle and cable. This allows the cable to charge above 1000 amps while remaining cool to the touch. Atlis notes that the charger has been designed not only for its electric truck and EVs but also for commercial use cases such as mining, construction, and marine segments.

Atlis is certainly not the only automaker pursuing megawatt charging. Tesla is already in the process of implementing megawatt charging for the Tesla Semi as well as the upcoming Cybertruck. At this incredible charging rate, even the massive battery of the Tesla Semi is filled in just 90 minutes.

As more and more automakers look to achieve increasingly faster charging speeds, megawatt charging may become a central goal within the auto industry. Though considering the incredible power necessary for these chargers, we may be forced to wait for energy generation and the grid to catch up and support the new technology.

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Electric truck startup Atlis Motor Vehicles demonstrates megawatt charging
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