Elon Musk’s $50K TX house is a humble prefab home that can be towed by a Model X

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned that he now lives in a ~$50K house at Starbase, Texas, where his private space company, SpaceX, is manufacturing its Starships. Based on images of the home, it appears that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is indeed living modestly in a prefabricated housing unit that’s only about 400 square feet. 

Teslarati recently received a tip noting that Elon Musk’s housing unit in Starbase, Texas is a Boxabl Casita, a foldable, prefabricated home designed for quick installations and maximum affordability. A 20×20 unit such as the one that Elon Musk reportedly owns is priced at only $50,000, less than the cost of a Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD. The Boxabl Casita is durable, too, being made of concrete panels and steel. It could be installed very quickly and transported easily, as well, with the home being light enough to be pulled by a vehicle like a Model X.  

Apparent indications that Elon Musk was living in a Boxabl home actually emerged last November 2020, when the prefabricated housing company posted a video inside a unit that it just built in Boca Chica, Texas. The video was promotional in nature, with the company highlighting the advantages of building homes in a production line. At the end of the clip, however, Boxabl noted that the Casita in the video was built for a very special client in Boca Chica — one that preferred to have a Falcon 9 poster on the unit’s door. 

The Boxabl Casita is designed to be customizable with different finishes and configurations. Yet a look at Elon Musk’s apparent housing unit in Starbase shows that the CEO only opted for a base unit. Musk did mention that he has installed improvements to the home that would probably make it worth about $69,000 today, but even such an amount is less than the cost of a base Tesla Model S. The Casita is classic Elon Musk in the way that it’s different and practical, though the idea that the 20×20 unit may be home to the world’s third-richest person is very compelling. People with a net worth of $172 billion, after all, typically live in lavish properties. 

Boxabl appears to be a company that is very fond of Elon Musk and his ventures, with the startup showcasing one of its Casita units being configured for use in Mars as possible living quarters for astronauts. More recently, Boxabl also pitched the idea of using its prefab housing units for the expansion of Starbase, allowing the location to grow with housing units that are just as potentially disruptive as SpaceX’s rockets and Tesla’s electric vehicles. 

Watch a video of Elon Musk’s Boxabl home in Starbase, Texas, as well as Boxabl’s Mars concept below. 

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Elon Musk’s $50K TX house is a humble prefab home that can be towed by a Model X
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