The Boring Company is building a housing project with quirky street names for workers in TX

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company appears to be building a housing project in Texas. The housing units are expected to be used by workers of the CEO’s tunneling startup. 

Initially reported by the Austin Business Journal, the new development will be located in Bastrop County. The housing project is situated close to The Boring Company’s facilities, and it will be called “Project Amazing.” 

County documents pertaining to the project depict a subdivision with 110 housing units, all of which are located on streets with quirky, fun names. Among the subdivision’s streets are “Boring Blvd,” Waterjet Way,” “Porpoise Place,” and “Cutterhead Crossing.” 

Credit: Bastrop County

“Project Amazing” will be built on land owned by Gappes Bass LLC. Online records show that Gappes Bass LLC is affiliated with The Boring Company. An agent for Gapped Bass, Adam Pashaian, is listed as a controller for the tunneling startup

Not many details are available for The Boring Company’s “Project Amazing” development, though Mel Hamner, the Bastrop County commissioner, stated during a previous meeting that house builder Lennar from Florida was working together with The Boring Company to build about 110 homes near the tunneling startup’s headquarters. 

In a comment to media outlets, the commissioner stated that the subdivision was being built as a way for The Boring Company to build homes for its workers. “That’s part of why The Boring Company is building housing for their workers, so they can afford to be living somewhere close to their facilities,” Hamner said. 

Credit: Lennar

Lennar’s homes would actually be perfect for The Boring Company and Elon Musk’s companies as a whole. A look at Lennar’s website shows that the company makes 3D-printed homes, which are durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. 

Matt Holm, the president of Austin’s Tesla Owners’ Club and a real estate agent, suggested that “Project Amazing” is probably just the start. Several Elon Musk-related companies are settling in Texas, so more homes are needed. Texas is already home to Tesla Gigafactory Texas, as well as SpaceX’s Starbase site. 

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The Boring Company is building a housing project with quirky street names for workers in TX
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