The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop hosts rescue simulation from Clark County Fire Dept

Image Credit: Clark County Nevada/Twitter

The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop tunnels recently hosted a rescue simulation from the Clark County Fire Department. Images of the exercise were shared online. 

In a post on social media, Clark County Nevada noted that the exercise was a good way to prepare for any uncertainties that may arise in the Boring Company’s Vegas Loop tunnels. The recent exercise simulated the rescue of an injured worker during the tunnel’s construction. 

Several images from the simulation were shared, featuring a number of Clark County Fire Department members moving an “injured” person through the Vegas Loop. In a post on Twitter, The Boring Company noted that the recurring Vegas Loop training exercises and drills were critical to ensuring that the underground transportation tunnels are safe and reliable. 

The exercises come just a couple of weeks after reports emerged revealing that The Boring Company was hiring a Clark County firefighter for a full-time position. As per the job opening from the tunneling startup, the firefighter would be responsible for training, troubleshooting, logistics, researching, and working with the Clark County Building Department and the Fire Department. 

The Boring Company will also be obtaining fire equipment from the Clark County Fire Department for use in the Vegas Loop. The tunneling startup will make a one-time payment of $340,580 for the equipment and an annual payment of $44,600 for maintenance expenses.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company to hire Clark County firefighter for Vegas Loop: report

Considering that the Vegas Loop would comprise several miles worth of underground tunnels and dozens of stations across Las Vegas, rescue drills involving the Clark County Fire Department are definitely important. As the Vegas Loop expands and starts its operations, incidents that may require rescue could arise. 

The Vegas Loop will encompass the existing las Vegas Convention Center Loop as well as any additional service extensions. These include stations at resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, the Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and the downtown area.

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The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop hosts rescue simulation from Clark County Fire Dept
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