Watch Elon Musk play Diablo via X livestream

Elon Musk is testing X livestream and inviting people to watch him play Diablo. The billionaire asks his viewers to keep their expectations low. 

Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk announced a test run of X livestream scaling tonight. He managed expectations, stating that the livestream wouldn’t contain anything serious. 

“People have asked me to stream myself playing video games, so I will try to speed run a Tier 99 Nightmare dungeon on Diablo (with no malignant hearts),” said Musk. 

“By ‘speedrun,’ I mean complete fairly quickly for an amateur. Please keep expectations low,” he warned viewers. 

Musk initially planned to hold the livestream at ~11pm Central Time but later moved it to around 1am CT. 

Elon Musk revealed his love for Diablo in July 2023 during a Space call on X dubbed “No one talk until we summon Elon Musk.” After an hour of waiting, he jumped into the call and talked with everyone in the Space. Through his mic, Musk could be heard playing Diablo IV. He revealed to everyone on the call that he was in the middle of completing a quest in Diablo IV. His character’s name is “IWillNeverDie.”

X livestream is one of the new changes Musk is rolling out on the social media platform. During his quest to turn X into the WeChat of the West, Musk rolled out–or plans to release–and tested a few updates on the platform for all forms of content for creators and influencers. 

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Watch Elon Musk play Diablo via X livestream
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