Elon Musk’s Mars ambitions honored in Moon-landing anniversary animation

Elon Musk-inspired animation produced by Initial Pictures. | Image: Initial Pictures

Elon Musk’s push for colonization of Mars is one of his best-known goals for humanity, and with the resources he’s gathered from successes in his many endeavors, that dream is closer to being made reality than it has been for similar dreamers over the last few decades. This July 20th will mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 Moon landing which put human footprints on the surface of our closest neighbor for the first time. With that timing in mind, an independent film studio based in France has created a short animation honoring Musk and his accomplishments that will hopefully lead to human footprints on Mars.

Initial Pictures, the French studio that created the traditionally animated film, “Elon Musk – One Giant Leap for Mankind,” has an entire team comprised of self-described fans of “the genius entrepreneur” who founded the company developing tech needed to make Mars habitation happen – SpaceX. “This is why we decided to produce a short movie in his honour and that would look like him,” the studio stated in its comments about the film. “It is a 1 minute very short movie with a very asserted style, resuming the significant innovations of the industrialist, such as Tesla, the Hyperloop, SpaceX, and to finish, Mars’ colonization.”

The storyboards and draft sketches made while developing the animation reveal the story of a team dedicated to every detail behind every part of the message their film is conveying. Tesla’s hand-drawn robot assembly lines are marked to ensure their motion is accurately represented, and the on-orbit staging of Starship, SpaceX’s massive rocket intended for human transport, is depicted as proposed in the company’s official animations, albeit in front of Mars instead of Earth.

Elon Musk-inspired animation produced by Initial Pictures. | Image: Initial Pictures

Throughout the animation, a narrator blends an inspirational message focused on a Mars mission with a fun soundtrack featuring the David Bowie and Queen version of “Under Pressure.” This all takes place against a background of Musk’s companies portrayed as leading the way to the red planet. Marc Churin, director of Initial Pictures, provided additional commentary about the project:

“Elon Musk seems to be someone who seems to enjoy a great deal of freedom. His genius allows him to complete his wildest projects. His sense of humour, ambition, financial and intellectual abilities make of him a modern hero. He is a icon that gives hope for the future. Then, what could make more sense for an animation studio than making a movie of him ? Science-fiction movies are, by definition, ahead of their time. With Elon Musk, it only takes to comment the present to tell something amazing.”

Elon Musk is no stranger to fan-base inspired projects. A full computer animated video depicting the serial entrepreneur as a young man, bullied at school and inspired by the Moon, then progressing through one success after the other to ultimately drive a Roadster on Mars, was published last year by Andy Front. SpaceX’s various rocket projects specifically have received the fan treatment over the years as well, demonstrating artistic space enthusiasts’ best interpretations of what Musk and his company have planned for the future. Tesla’s next generation Roadster has also been the subject of fan-made videos imagining the high-tech sports car showing off its insane acceleration.

The press release announcing the Initial Pictures’ animation is as follows:

One giant leap for mankind » Elon Musk’s Chronicles

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, discover the 60 seconds short film “One giant leap for mankind”, directed by the French creative studio Initial Pictures, which pays tribute to the wonderful adventure of the entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Space has long captured humankind’s curiosity and imagination, and soon, thanks to innovations driven by passionate people such as Elon Musk, some dreams will become reality. Through a tradigital animation made of 900 drawn sketches, the short film depicts the entrepreneur’s projects in the pace at which they were achieved, as well as his upcoming interplanetary explorations.

The moon landing mission had a lasting impact on science and society, allowing people to realize what were the amazing possibilities of the space revolution. Just like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in 1969, Elon Musk pursues his dream of space discovery, along with the NASA, which chose SpaceX as well as Boing, to create the astronauts’ means of transport to access and return from the International Space Station.

Watch the full “Elon Musk – One Giant Leap for Mankind” animation below:

One giant leap for Mankind from Initial on Vimeo.

Elon Musk’s Mars ambitions honored in Moon-landing anniversary animation
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