Elon Musk promises Tesla safety upgrade after Twitter exchange with EV owner

(Credit: Tesla )

In a recent Twitter exchange with a Tesla owner, Elon Musk demonstrated the value of the social media platform as a direct line of communication with customers. Musk’s interaction led to a commitment to add a new safety feature to Tesla’s electric vehicles.

The conversation began when a Tesla owner using the handle @TeslaDiva99 shared her experience of leaving her teenager and a younger child in the car while running an errand. Upon her exit, the vehicle shut off, requiring the older child to reactivate the infotainment system. The owner expressed her concern about the situation, specifically the risk it could pose if an infant were left inside the vehicle.

“Hey @elonmusk, I left my teenager and little in the car to go into the store. The car instantly shut off, and my oldest had to touch the screen to turn it back on. If an infant was left, the car would shut down. Can y’all do something to detect people in the car and keep temp on?” she wrote.

Musk responded directly, explaining that Tesla vehicles automatically maintain a safe temperature range inside the cabin, even when the car appears “off.” This measure is designed to protect infants and pets. However, the Tesla CEO acknowledged that there is room for improvement and pledged to make a change.

“Tesla car temp is automatically kept within a safe range, even when the car appears ‘off,’ in order to protect infants & pets. That said, it would be more convenient to keep the car ‘on’ for entertainment & comfort if the camera detects occupants. We will make that change,” Musk tweeted.

Based on Musk’s response, Tesla should be able to implement the new safety feature via an over-the-air software update. It is worth noting, however, that this feature may only be available for vehicles equipped with a cabin camera. This could mean that older models, such as legacy Model S and Model X vehicles, may not receive the exact same update. 

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Elon Musk promises Tesla safety upgrade after Twitter exchange with EV owner
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