Elon Musk’s deposition by Twitter postponed until October

Elon Musk’s deposition by Twitter is rescheduled for October 6-7, which might be better for the media company. Musk’s deposition was initially scheduled for this week. 

Earlier this week, news broke that Musk and Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal were trying to reschedule their depositions. Agrawal’s deposition was delayed as well. Court filings show that Musk’s deposition was initially scheduled for Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27. 

However, lawyers from both sides stated that they privately agreed to hold Musk’s deposition for later this week. This week might be a busy one for the Tesla CEO, though, as the 2022 AI Day is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 30. 

Sources close to the matter stated that Musk’s deposition was bound to change due to the litigation’s fast-tracked nature. In July, Elon Musk submitted a plea for a trial date on or after February 2023. The SpaceX CEO’s camp reasoned that they needed time to sift through Twitter’s fake and spam account issues. Twitter argued for the earliest possible trial date, saying it was “imperative” because the public dispute harmed the social media company each day Musk is in breach.

Twitter plans to interview Elon Musk ten days before the two parties go to trial over the Tesla CEO’s decision to terminate his $44 billion deal to buy the social media company. The Twitter vs. Elon Musk trial date will start on October 17 in Wilmington, Delaware. The trial will last five days.

Brian Quinn, a professor at Boston College Law School, noted that the timing of depositions matters. Quinn believes Elon Musk’s delayed deposition could play in Twitter’s favor. 

“You’re gonna delay your best witnesses for the end, as much as possible, so you have all the discover,” Quinn noted in Mint.

A string of depositions are scheduled in the weeks leading to the trial. Twitter plans to depose Musk’s right-hand man Jared Birchall and his attorney Alex Spiro. Musk’s lawyers plan to depose founder and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and whistleblower Peiter Zatko

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Elon Musk’s deposition by Twitter postponed until October
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