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Faraday Future launches FF91 limited edition at an ultra-premium price

Credit: Faraday Future

Faraday Future has finally announced the launch of the FF91 2.0 Futurist Alliance limited edition EV, and judging by its initial price tag, it is undoubtedly looking to avoid any issues with financing like it did in the past.

The FF91 2.0 is limited to just 300 units globally and will be priced at $309,000, and is officially open for reservations in both the United States and China.

The FF 2.0 is Faraday Future’s attempt at the first “All-Ability aiHypercar,” which is different from the initial FF 91 that was unveiled six years ago due to its “comprehensive upgrade and iteration in its technological architecture.”

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Featuring three motors with a total of 1,050 horsepower and a 142 kWh battery pack that will supplement 381 miles of range and a 2.27 0-60 MPH acceleration rate. It also features numerous safety features, like “moat body structure” and “moat pack structure” designs, that create side impact crumple zones, which are integrated with the aluminum body.

The design is intended to balance both the protection of the vehicle occupants and high-voltage battery systems while still maintaining optimal cargo space. The interior space is significant, Faraday said, and is the longest in its class while also offering superior comfort with the largest recline angle of any vehicle at 60 degrees.

But all of those things are just side plates to the main course, which Faraday believes is its aiHyperCar 6×4 Architecture 2.0. this refers to the “vertical integration and horizontal penetration of FF’s six technology platforms and four technology systems,” which are:

  • Technology Platforms
    • FF Open App
    • FF aiOS 2
    • FF aiHW 2.0
    • FF Mechanical
    • FF Cloud
    • FF AI
  • Technology Systems
    • Magic All-in-One – AI-based body control tech
    • Hyper Multi-Vectoring – Integrated multi-axis torque vectoring powered by AI
    • 3rd aiSpace – Three-modem system supported with AT&t, Verizon, and T-Mobile
    • FF aiDriving – Intelligent Driving system

Fully engrained within one another, the platforms and systems helped achieve an “elite mobility experience” and also have room for further development with third parties as Faraday continues to refine them.

Faraday Future is now accepting full payment to preorder and be trained in the vehicle, and can be put on a priority waitlist by placing a $5,000 deposit.

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Faraday Future launches FF91 limited edition at an ultra-premium price
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