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Faraday Future defies the odds, will start vehicle production in March

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Faraday Future has announced that it has acquired the necessary funding to begin vehicle production and will do so next month.

Investors and Faraday Future reservation holders have become pessimistic over the past two years. Not only has the company been stalled in its efforts to begin production of the FF 91 SUV, but its stock has plummeted as customers have lost hope in receiving the vehicle they originally ordered. Yet it seems Faraday has achieved the impossible, pulling out of its financial tailspin and heading to production next month.

Faraday said it acquired a total of $135 million in funding, allowing for its vehicle production after five long years of waiting. The FF 91 SUV will begin production in March and will begin deliveries to customers in April. Faraday did not specify how many vehicles would be produced or which customers would be receiving vehicles first.

Such a dramatic shift in Faraday’s trajectory stems from its last effort funding round and new corporate leadership that seems dead set on recovering what many assumed to be a sinking ship. Faraday Future CEO Xuefeng Chen (XF, as he is titled in the press release) follows previous CEO Carsten Breitfeld who resigned after a board review of his leadership since IPO. Along with the most recently secured funding, the CEO will also be looking to expand outstanding shares to drive more investment into the business; a vote will be held on the matter in a meeting with investors at the end of this month.

Faraday Future’s FF 91 is the $180,000 SUV that the company hopes will redefine the luxury EV segment. “Competing with Ferrari, Maybach, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, as the only next-gen Ultimate Intelligent TechLuxury EV product, the FF 91 Futurist puts forward a unique and intelligent EV experience with extreme technology, an ultimate user experience,” says the press release, but looking to the vehicle’s actual specs, it certainly has the chance to shake things up.

The FF 91 is a long-wheelbase luxury vehicle that performs with incredible performance specifications. Its tr-motor system produces a combined 1050 horsepower, shooting the SUV to 60mph in just 2.39 seconds. However, with a refined interior experience, fitted with rear captain’s chairs and fine leather upholstery, the vehicle’s target market is more Oceans Eleven, less Miami Vice.

Through the Faraday Future “Dynamic Vehicle Control” system, drivers benefit from semi-active dampers that will smooth the vehicle’s ride, four-wheel-steering that makes the sizable vehicle nimble and maneuverable, and thanks to its dual motor system in the back, rear torque-vectoring ensures power makes it to the ground. But thanks to the vehicle’s impressive aerodynamic shape, these features don’t come at the detriment of range, with the FF 91 still capable of 381 miles on a single charge thanks to its sizable 130 kWh battery.

Faraday has not specified how fast the vehicle charges but notes on its website that the FF 91 will gain 200 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging.

With such a remarkable turnaround from just late last year and an astonishingly quick start of production, optimism is finally returning to the Faraday Future brand. Yet many still have good reason to be cautious about the fledgling brand. Hopefully, by ultimately delivering on its initially promised vehicles, Faraday can start to repair its cultural cache and begin to work on ramping production for what could be a fantastic vehicle.

Disclosure: William Johnson does not own Faraday Future stock.

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Faraday Future defies the odds, will start vehicle production in March
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